Dear Delridge Grocery Co-op supporter,

Delridge has no grocery stores. Since 2009, volunteers have worked countless hours to organize the Delridge Grocery Co-op, and we are so close to the store becoming a reality.

The next two weeks are critical. Our loan is under review. We must prove to Northcountry Cooperative Development Fund that we have enough community support to make this grocery viable. That means an immediate and substantial surge in membership.

This is especially critical because DESC, the owner of our future storefront location, will have to withdraw $150,000 of donated funds they had set aside to help pay to build out our space if we do not receive loan approval by August 15.

When we get our loan, permitting and buildout can begin immediately. We’ve come so far and just need a few more members to secure final funding.

Become a member now, or ask a friend to join the co-op.

Do you want this grocery store? Now is the time to become a member. Co-op members can vote on important co-op decisions, run for a seat on the board, and share in profits. Most importantly, members help bring healthy food to the Delridge neighborhood.

Co-op memberships can be paid in installments starting at $5, paying as you can. A full lifetime membership costs $100. We ask members to pay the full $100 if they are able, however, no members are turned away for lack of funds and any amount helps us reach our goal.

Join online here: or by mailing a check to: Delridge Grocery PO Box 16792 Seattle, WA 98116.

If every one of our current members brought in one other member, we would meet our membership goal today.

Thank you for your support!

The Delridge Grocery Co-op