Our Story is Your Story

The Delridge Grocery Co-op has been in the imaginations of Delridge residents for years. If you would like to read about the hard work of our volunteer community, check out Our Story with Timeline here.

Our Mission is Your Mission

Delridge Grocery Co-op’s mission is to grow community by providing local, sustainably grown whole foods, at affordable prices, to the residents of the Delridge area in Seattle. Seattle has a reputation as a ‘green’ city, so it’s not surprising that many Delridge and West Seattle residents want a local, sustainable food source within walking distance of their homes.

Our Vision is Your Vision

DSC01648Starting in 2015, the Delridge Grocery Co-op will provide a full range of grocery items with an emphasis on local, organic, and sustainably-grown, minimally-processed foods, to be located at the retail location at 5444 Delridge Way, SW. We’ll give priority in purchasing to items produced sustainably and locally. Through the low-overhead cooperative model, the store will offer competitive, affordable pricing.

Our Co-op is YOUR Co-op!

DSC01660Be part of the journey of growing this co-op.  You can find information regarding membership here.