We need your membership to open your store.

Why Should You Join the Delridge Grocery Cooperative?

DSC02239Co-ops are fabulous. Cooperation is, after all, a word that implies people working together toward the same end, mutually benefitting both one another and the larger community. Economically beneficial and socially responsible, these community-minded businesses make the world a better place—and that’s a beautiful thing! In order to achieve this goal, we need you to join to get your store open!

 4 great reasons to join Delridge Grocery Cooperative

1: Be an owner of a cooperatively run local business.

Every member has an equal, democratic voice in the control of our stores. The purpose of the Cooperative is to serve the members.

2: Access to healthy, delicious food.

Direct local and national suppliers, your food will be grown organically in both environmentally and socially responsible ways.

3: Lower prices for all

Co-ops typically have lower prices for equal or better quality products than the prices charged in corporate chain grocery stores.

4: Invest in your community

The Co-op is an investment in the community. The availability of healthy food at affordable prices will make Delridge a better place to live.

Payment options for membership

A membership share is $100 per household, you can pay by credit card, or by check by downloading the DGC mail in membership form here.

DSC02342What if I can’t afford to pay the membership in full?

We ask new members to pay the full membership amount when they join, if they have the resources to do so.

We want to make this cooperative grocery work for Delridge—and be inclusive and accessible to all!  You can make installment payments of $10, $25 or $50 for your membership.



Ready to become a new member?

No need for a PayPal Account. Co-op memberships can be paid in installments starting at $5, paying as you can. A full lifetime membership costs $100.